The new FL5-generation Civic Type R had its first full year on the market in 2023, and while Honda didn’t list sales figures in its 2023 report, we reached out and got the numbers. A Honda spokesperson tells us it sold 3,345 examples of the Type R in 2023, which represents 1.7 percent of the 200,381 of the Civic’s total.

Additionally, Honda confirmed that it sold 7,128 units of the Civic Si last year, or 3.6 percent of total Civic sales. Both these figures are a small fraction of the total Civic’s moved, but not a bad result for manual-transmission-only models. 

Still, the Civic Type R lagged behind the Toyota GR Corolla (5,739 units), and just pipped the Volkswagen Golf R (3,238). But, when you add in 1,871 sales of the Acura Integra Type S, a car mechanically almost identical to the Civic Type R, Honda gets a lot closer to the GR Corolla, with 5,216 cars sold. The Civic Si falls just shy of its closest rival, the Volkswagen GTI, with 7,451 sales.

Demand for the Type S seems strong given it only arrived at dealers last June. Acura sold more than half as many Type Ss as Honda did Type Rs. We’re very curious to see where sales end up in 2024, which will be the first full year both are offered at the same time. The Integra Type S costs around $7,000 than the Civic Type R, but adds some nice luxuries for the price. 

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