Piloti Introduces Its Most Advanced Driving Shoe Ever


The Icona takes over where the Endurance leaves off and drives even further with new technology.

Piloti Icona advanced driving shoe Piloti Icona advanced driving shoe

The new Icona driving shoe from Piloti has arrived, and these kicks deserve all the fanfare we afford the debut of a new Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Maserati. A new halo shoe for Piloti, the Icona combines all of the company’s performance technology into one shoe and introduces some new, never-before-seen advancements.

First, it’s important to note the Icona is a driving shoe, not a sneaker. This means its natural habitat is the pedal box of a car, not a basketball court. That said, like all Piloti shoes, the Icona is designed for all-day comfort, so you don’t have to be driving to enjoy them. As a legit driving shoe, though, you’ll find the Icona comes alive when you need some fancy footwork behind the wheel.

Hand-crafted in Portugal using Italian suede and Nubuck, the Icona (shown above in a subdued smoke color) has a timeless look with its multi-directional dual color outsole. The laser-perforated ‘P’ on the sides and red hand stitch at the heel (representing tail lights) are signature Piloti touches, as are the antimicrobial insole and moisture-wicking lining.

The Icona also has the best technology for better driving. This includes the company’s patented Roll Control 2.0™ design, which provides even curvature from the bottom of your heel, to the back of your heel, and 180 degrees around. Forces are thus distributed evenly across your heel, which reduces fatigue during long track sessions and road trips, as well as gives your foot greater control over the pedals. Backing that up is a new extended heel with an increased radius to support even more spirited driving.

Also new on the Icona (shown above in sharp black and red) is a unique lateral bumper on the side of the shoe, which is designed to help with blipping the throttle during heel-and-toe downshifting. With this feature, your accelerator pedal will feel like it’s moved right under your foot when reaching for it while grabbing a lower gear. It’s perfect for autocross driving and technical road courses where more shifting’s required.

Lastly, the Icona features a uniquely thin forefoot at the front of the shoe. This helps give your toes more feel over the pedals – where they are in relation to your foot and what they’re doing in regards to direction.

Piloti aficionados may remember the Endurance, a driving shoe produced in collaboration with the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Think of the Icona (shown above in sophisticated brown) as the successor to the Endurance, taking its place atop the company’s line of footwear that also includes such popular pairs as the Drift, Shift, and Avenue.

If you’re looking for a shoe you can wear all day in comfort that also gives you an edge while driving, the Icona is your new best choice. Available now at, each pair sells for $175.00. And in case Piloti’s past performance predicts the future, you should get your order in fast before the Icona sells out.

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