Travelers can now follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest wartime leaders.

Red Savannah just launched a new English adventure inspired by the late, great Winston Churchill. Fittingly titled “In the Footsteps of Winston Churchill,” the seven-day journey will give jet-setters a glimpse into the life of the indomitable British statesman, with a particular focus on his integral role in WWII.

The trip begins at the bookends of Churchill’s life, with visits to his birthplace at the grandiose Blenheim Palace in Woodstock (pictured top) and his final resting place just outside the palace grounds at St Martin’s church in Bladon. From here, travelers will head to Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes to see the once top-secret workplace of the celebrated Enigma codebreakers. (You might remember Churchill referred to them as “the geese who laid the golden eggs and never cackled.”)

Bletchley Park

Inside Bletchley Park.

Andy Stagg Photography

You’ll then hightail it to the country’s capital to see Churchill’s alma mater. Founded in 1572, Harrow School is located in a leafy 300-acre estate and still has one original classroom that is dotted with furniture from nearly 400 years ago.

While in London, guests will walk through the Cabinet War Rooms, including the Transatlantic Telephone Room from which Churchill spoke securely with President Roosevelt, the Map Room that was once in use 24 hours a day, and Churchill’s private bedroom. Other highlights for history buffs include visits to the Churchill memorials at Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square.

Berry Bros. & Rudd wine merchant in London

Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Sam Mellish/Getty

In addition, the itinerary includes stops at the former PM’s favorite purveyors, such as Berry Bros. & Rudd where he acquired his Pol Roger Champagne, and the shirtmaker Turnbull & Asser where he still owes £197. You’ll also check out Churchill’s favorite old haunts, such as the Ritz London and Brown’s Hotel. (The latter Mayfair establishment was where he regularly enjoyed Hine brandy, Champagne, and his trademark cigar.)

The Donovan Bar in Browns Hotel

The Donovan Bar in Browns Hotel.

Richard Waite

Naturally, the trip also includes a visit to Chartwell: the long-time abode of Churchill and his beloved wife, Clementine. Located in Westerham, Kent, the country estate was the couple’s home for more than 40 years and holds the largest collection of Churchill’s paintings.

Red Savannah launched the new “In the Footsteps of” series with an itinerary focused on the remarkable life of fashion designer Coco Chanel. The Churchill trip is the second in the series, with more journeys to follow soon.

As for the fine print, the price of the trip per person based on two adults sharing a room is about $10,497 (£8,275) in the high season, $9,070 (£7,150) in the mid season, and $7,548(£5,950) in the low season. This fee includes private transfers, all accommodation, and activities. You can add further “enhancements,” too.

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