Jeep is finally ready to go electric in the U.S.

The storied 4×4 maker announced on Thursday that its first domestic EV will be the “premium” Wagoneer S. The battery-powered SUV is expected to go on sale later this year and will come with a potent powertrain that promises to deliver the performance expected from one of the brand’s vehicles.

The announcement hasn’t come out of nowhere. Back in the fall of 2022, Jeep announced plans to introduce two EVs this year, the boxy Recon and the more classical-looking Wagoneer S. It now appears that the latter will be the first to arrive (a press release from the marque made no mention of the other SUV). Jeep hasn’t unveiled the EV’s final design but did release a teaser image that shows an illuminated version of the marque’s trademark seven-slot grille. The feature is almost identical to the one seen on a prototype shown off two years ago, suggesting the production version won’t look radically different. If this holds true for the rest of the vehicle, you can expect the battery-powered Wagoneer to be a mid-size SUV—unlike the bigger gas-powered siblings—and have a smooth, aerodynamic shape.

The 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S from above

A rendering of the Wagoneer S from 2022


We may not know what the EV will look like, but we do have something of an idea of what to expect from its powertrain. Jeep says the setup will produce 600 hp, easily making it the most powerful model in the Wagoneer lineup, and accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. We don’t know how many electric motors the vehicle will have—multiple seems likely, especially if it features all-wheel drive—but it will utilize the same 4xe technology as the brand’s plug-in hybrids and have “all-terrain management.”

Jeep hasn’t announced a specific release date for the Wagoneer S, but did say it will arrive this fall, which means it will likely be part of the brand’s 2025 model year lineup. No price was mentioned either, but the standard Wagoneer starts at $62,945, and the Grand Wagoneer at $92,945.

The 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S from the side


The Wagoneer S will be Jeep’s first U.S. EV, but its second globally. The brand introduced a battery-powered subcompact crossover called the Avenger in Europe early last year. It slots in the brand’s lineup below the Renegade, making it the automaker’s smallest vehicle. There currently appear to be no plans to bring the vehicle stateside.

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