The First New Lancia Since 2011 Looks Quirky And Cute


Lancia is back! Well, not in the way we were hoping for – with a rally-inspired Delta Integrale successor – but still, the new Ypsilon is big news considering it is the brand’s first new product since 2011. It is supposed to debut next month, but we can already take a closer look at its design.

The video you see here comes courtesy of the Masera Facebook page and shows the supermini completely undisguised. It is being filmed for what is likely a promo video by an Alfa Romeo Stelvio camera car. The footage isn’t perfect but we get to see the new Ypsilon from all angles.


There are some obvious influences from the Pu-Ra HPE concept but the best part is that we also see inspiration from the 037 and Stratos. Overall, it is a sharp-looking city car with a distinctive front end, though it is also worth mentioning that there are strong resemblances with other Stellantis products. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering the shared underpinnings between Lancia, Peugeot, Citroen, and Opel. As a result, the body proportions of the new Ypsilon look a lot like the Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208.

From what we know so far, the new hatchback from Italy will be sold with hybrid and fully electric powertrains. Looking at what the Corsa and 208 have to offer, the EV version will most likely be equipped with a 52-kilowatt-hour battery pack and a single electric motor on the front axle with a peak output of 156 horsepower. This will make the new Ypsilon by far the most powerful generation of the model in its history as the model that is still available in Italy has a 70-hp hybridized three-cylinder engine.

Speaking of the current generation Ypsilon, it was launched in 2011 and facelifted multiple times over the years. Most recently, it got minimal visual tweaks approximately a year ago.

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