The theme of this week’s show is weird cars.

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It’s podcast time. We’re flying with a solo host this week, as Chris Smith has the week off. It should be a shorter episode, but we’re going to check out some bizarre vehicles. Things kick off at 7:30 PM Eastern on Motor1‘s social channels, and as always, you can chat with us live during the podcast.

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The show will kick off by checking out some weird Suzuki Jimnys coming to the Tokyo Auto Salon. The tuning company DAMD has introduced kits to make the little off-roader look like classic rally cars. One emulates the Lancia Delta’s appearance, and the other borrows the styling from the Renault R5 Turbo.

There’s also a concept car with a weird story. The S-Classic Digital “My MBUX” debuted in 2020. Somehow, it ended up in a junkyard outside of Atlanta.

Continuing the weird car trend, the Japanese tuner Liberty Walk is building a widebody Lamborghini Countach. Seeing such an iconic vehicle get such a styling overhaul is surprising. 

It’ll be a short episode this week. But the show must go on!

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