Midleton is the distillery just outside of Cork, Ireland where the most popular Irish whiskey brand in the world, Jameson, is made. But a whole lot of other fantastic brands are produced there as well, including the popular Spot lineup of single-pot-still Irish whiskey expressions. And now a single-cask bottling of the esteemed Yellow Spot is available to purchase from the Whisky Exchange, a rare occurrence in the world of Irish whiskey.

Yellow Spot originally launched in 2012 as part of the aforementioned Spot collection, which also includes Gold, Green, Blue, and Red labels. These are all single pot still whiskeys, meaning they are made from a mash bill of malted and unmalted barley in a pot still at one distillery (Midleton), and each is aged in a particular combination of casks to give it its unique flavor.

The core Yellow Spot expression is matured for 12 years in three different types of barrels—bourbon, sherry, and malaga—before being bottled at 46 percent ABV. This new expression is something very different however—it’s a 1999 vintage aged for 23 years with a yield of just 564 bottles. The whiskey was initially matured in bourbon barrels and then transferred to just one single Malaga cask previously used to age this sweet Spanish fortified wine.

“More than two decades in wood has allowed the pot still spirit to develop a deep fruity character while mellowing its characteristic spiciness, with time finishing in a single Malaga cask adding layers of extra complexity,” said the Whisky Exchange brand ambassador Billy Abbott in a statement. Official tasting notes describe brown sugar and spice on the nose, followed by dried fruit, roasted peach, sultanas, fruit cake slathered with berry jam, and oaky spice on the palate.

You can purchase a bottle of Yellow Spot 1999 now from The Whisky Exchange, but supplies are limited and this is a one-time offer so act fast. If you’re interested in sampling regular Yellow Spot or some of the other Spot collection whiskeys, they are available now from ReserveBar.

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