Ford Performance is keeping itself busy this year. As 2024 gets underway, the Blue Oval’s motorsport outfit has some exciting new stuff to share with its “Season Launch” event. At 7 PM ET, the automaker will showcase “A new golden age of Ford motorsports,” highlighting the company’s ambitious global racing program. You can watch the livestream below.

This year, Ford will be racing in various series and events, battling for podiums and points with the new Mustang and other Ford vehicles on six of the world’s seven continents. It’ll compete on tracks like Le Mans and Interlagos, the Dakar trails, and more. The automaker revealed its new NASCAR Cup Series Dark Horse Mustang in November, and it’ll also race in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Mustang GT3.

Ford will likely show off the Switchgear, a rugged Raptor-like F-150 Lightning pickup revealed earlier today with widened fenders, massive wheels, long-travel suspension, and Ford Performance branding on the hood. 

The company also teased a Raptor-branded race truck to compete in next year’s Dakar rally. Ford is already racing with the Ranger in this year’s event, and Ford will take what it learns this year to improve its chances of an outright win in 2025.

Ford announced six racing versions of the Mustang when it revealed the new model in 2022. The lineup includes two Mustang Dark Horse variants – S and R, a GT4, the NASCAR competitor, and more, many of which will hit the track for the first time in 2024. The Blue Oval also announced in 2023 that it would return to Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing, so Ford could have a lot to highlight.

Ford has regularly emphasized its interest in motorsports over the last few years, but what we’ll see at the event is still unclear. Ford Performance could share something new and exciting, so tune in later tonight to catch all the news.

The Ford Performance Season Launch Event starts at 7 PM Eastern Time.

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