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Wordle, which had its beginnings in a kind act, was created at first by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner. Since then, this captivating game has gained huge popularity around the world, appealing to thousands of players every day. The Wordle players are given a new challenge every day. They simply have to guess today’s Wordle answer, which is a five-letter English word. Six chances are given to the players to correctly figure out the word. Depending on how accurately they guess, the letters will be highlighted in a different color after each guess.

Wordle Answer

Every day’s Wordle is made available at midnight local time, and the daily solution is the same for all users worldwide. If you haven’t been able to figure out today’s Wordle answer puzzle yet, you can check it out below.

What is the wordle answer for today?

Wordle Answer for Today

In your Wordle journey, choosing the appropriate starting word is crucial. Even though individual preferences matter, using a strategic approach can increase your chances of success. Get ready because we are about to reveal the Wordle answer for today. Now is your last chance to solve today’s Wordle before we reveal the answer, so submit your best guesses right away.

Game wordle
Date 5th July 2023
Game Number 746
Today wordle answer VENOM

The wait is over now. It’s time to unveil the answer for today’s Wednesday (5th July 2023) Wordle #746.

 Today The Wordle answer for today is… VENOM

If you were unable to guess it this time, don’t give up. Tomorrow, you can challenge your brain with a brand-new Wordle. Good luck with all of your future Wordle endeavors!

What is Wordle?

Wordle Answer for Today

Wordle is a very simple game to play for puzzle lovers, but it has several features that have lifted it above the competition. These are:

  • You can only play one puzzle a day
  • Everyone plays the same puzzle
  • It’s simple to post about your game on social media without giving away the solution to others.

The goal of the Wordle player is to guess a five-letter English word in just six attempts. Each time you make a guess, you get notified of the letters that are in the final word and whether they are in the right sequence.

  • A correct letter turns green
  • A correct letter positioned incorrectly turns yellow.
  • An incorrect letter turns gray
  • Letters can be used more than once
  • Answers are never plurals

So, if you start with a powerful word with a good mix of common consonants and multiple vowels—you should be off to a flying start—with a little luck! You can give it a try now by clicking on the link given below:

Play Now

Wordle was developed back in 2013 by software engineer Josh Wardle, but the project was abandoned until lockdown when he revived it for his puzzle-loving partner. Although it was introduced in October 2021, its popularity took off in January 2022. Since then, a tonne of games, including Wordle, have been inspired by word puzzles, refocusing the daily gimmick on subjects like music, math, or geography. Wordle didn’t take long to gain such a following that the New York Times paid seven figures to purchase it. Wordle is available on the New York Times Games website. If you see something claiming to be an app when there isn’t any, it might be a fake.

3 strategies to beat Wordle every day 

If you are just started playing the popular online daily puzzle game and looking forward to extending your Wordle winning streak with some helpful tips, here are three quick strategies that help you push in the right direction:

  • Start with a five-letter word that has both vowels and consonants.
  • An answer might repeat the same letter more than once. Take care of that too.
  • Don’t use guesses that include letters you’ve already crossed off.

You don’t need to rush to find the solution because Wordle doesn’t have a timer. It can be a good strategy to approach the game like a lighthearted crossword puzzle from the newspaper so that you can return to it later if you run out of ideas. Taking a step away for a moment could mean the difference between a win and a line of grey squares.

Bottom Line

Although Wordle is quite similar to other word games offered on the App Store or Google Play, it greatly differs in its approach to treating time and its positive outlook. Although some people might think Wordle is getting harder, it hasn’t gotten harder since it first came out. Wordle’s Hard Mode can be activated to offer a more difficult test for those looking for one. So let’s try it out right away!


Where can I play the Wordle puzzle?

The New York Times Games website hosts Wordle. If you see something claiming to be an app, it is fake because there are no such things. It was originally hosted on Josh Wardle’s Wordle website but was moved when the New York Times purchased Wordle in early February.

Is Wordle becoming more challenging?

Since Wordle’s inception, the degree of difficulty has remained constant. Players looking for a bigger challenge, though, can choose to activate Wordle’s Hard Mode, which offers a more difficult gameplay environment.

Does Wordle have a mobile app?

There is no official Wordle mobile app, you can easily play the game in a web browser on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. Despite having “Wordle” in their titles, many mobile apps available in the App Store and Play Store are not the real deal. They’re enjoyable to use, but they’re not the real Wordle.

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